4 Most Romantic Beaches Destination in the World

  • 20/11/2019
  • bagas
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For people who are in love, togetherness is everything. Any place does not matter as long as you with your partner. Vacation with a partner can be something coveted because spend 24 hours full time with a loved one does not happen every day. So, sometimes the place is no longer important.

But, you know, “setting” is one thing that can encourage the atmosphere to be more romantic. Try to imagine, which is more romantic: your partner expresses love in a car in a traffic jam or does he confess his love on a beach with a sunset background?

Therefore, here are 4 beach tours that are highly recommended and the most romantic in the world that you can go with your partner.


The Maldives is a “paradise” for newly married couples. The reason is simple, the Maldives gives calm and maximum romance vibes. You can enjoy Maldives Luxury Villas on the water with a spectacular view. Do you think the Maldives is the dream destination for the honeymoon? If so, Fairmont Maldives is the best place to stay


For you enjoy dusk, Lombok must be on the top list of your destination. On this island, there are many nice beaches to enjoy the golden moment of the sunset. One of the most favorite places to enjoy sunset in Lombok is at Senggigi Beach.

Ora Beach

Ora Beach is famous for its resorts that are on top of water and resemble resorts in the Maldives or Bora-Bora. Shaped on stilts and made of wood, this resort feels natural and creates a calm, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Imagine, the morning when you open your eyes, the first sight you see with your partner is the clear sea and green hills that refresh your eyes.


Fiji is an island nation located in the south of the Pacific Ocean. With 333 islands that are adorned with beautiful scenery, Fiji has become one of the destinations for many foreign tourists to spend time with loved ones. The hospitality from the Fijian population can also your vacation with a partner feels comfortable.