Consider These Beaches For Your Next Beach Trip

  • 22/11/2021
  • bagas
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A beach holiday is a ticket to fun and relaxation. You can never get enough of all the incredible sights on a beach. However, considering the vastness of the world, you have come up with some names to plan your next beach trip. If you read the Collected.Reviews, you will find the people preferring some specific beaches over the others. Want to know what are the best beaches according to the pro travelers? Keep reading!


Fiji is no less than a paradise for beach lovers with its outstanding views, crystal clear sand, and sparkling waters. The coral reefs present on the beaches of Fiji are the best thing to see for divers. Remember that there are a total of 333 islands in Fiji, and making sure to visit all of them may not be possible for you. Therefore, according to the travel reviews, you must see, some of the famous islands are Qalito Island and Vomo Island.


The travel experience of the beaches of Maldives is unlike any other place in the world. The towering palm trees and the dark blue water makes one think they live in a fairy tale. The local laws in the Maldives inhibit people from wearing shorts on the beach. Therefore, if you want to wear a bikini on Maldives’ beaches, try checking out the Rasdhoo and Maafushi beaches. Remember that you can claim to have visited the most beautiful beaches in the world unless you have seen the beauty of Maldives!

Bora Bora

Less is enough sometimes, and this is incredibly true when it comes to the Bora Bora islands. This small island in French Polynesia is famous for its dense green jungle, outstanding views, and great bungalows that float over water. You should visit Mount Otemanu in Bora Bora Island to get the real idea of calmness and serenity. How about you make things adventurous while on the beach? Well, if you are ready to do the thrill, you can go shark-feeding on this island as well. Or just keep things simple and head towards Matira Beach for tireless strolling!


The Bahamas is world-famous for its never-ending range of beaches with whopping 700 islands. The resorts here are perfect for travelers in the mood for a real vacation and want to get drifted in the waves. Make sure to visit Gold Rock Beach if you want to feel the vibes of a great adventure. A great thing about the Bahamas is that there are plenty of private islands there as well. How about you set the dream of getting this rich to buy your island in the Bahamas?


Maui is one of the most beautiful beaches of Hawaii but without the enormous crowds. The black sand shores on the island are more exquisite than any other place. Consider visiting Wailea Beach if you are on a trip with your family; you’d love the resorts and restaurants there! And make your way to the Kanaha Beach Park if you are in the mood for windsurfing!


Make sure you read about all the different beaches before you decide to make a trip to one. Always follow the local safety and community guidelines and cooperate with the authorities. Happy traveling!