Koh Tao Thailand Places And Adventure

  • 03/11/2019
  • bagas
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If travelers have been amazed with the temples, palaces, and waterways in Bangkok, there still are places in the Land of Smiles which are a lot captivating and promises a worthwhile tour like the famous Koh Tao Thailand. This travel spot is in fact an island that is not located in the country’s capital, however tourists around the world are very fond of this place because of its natural beauty and refreshing environment.

Koh Tao Thailand lies at the heart of the western part of Gulf of Thailand, a turtle-shaped land mass, this island serves as breeding ground to Green and Hawksbill turtles which are naturally protected species like the bed of corals, and varieties of marine diversity that can be found underwater of Koh Tao. If one can be lucky enough, there also are occasional sightings of whale-sharks roaming the island, but they tend to migrate whenever the climate gets hot.

Here are some popular attractions in Koh Tao, travelers can consider visiting with:

Sairee Bay: The gleaming translucent waters of Sairee is one of the most sought after swimming site in Koh Tao Thailand. This bay has 1.7 kilometers stretch of white-sand which is considered to be the longest in Koh Tao. Since it is the most popular beach in the island, bazaars, souvenir shops, restaurants, and dive centers are scattered to provide tourist easy access to the services that they might need.

Chumpon Pinnacle: Diving is the highlighted activity in Koh Tao, divers around the globe will not want to miss the diving places of the island which are numbered to be more than 25 spots all around. Chumpon Pinnacle is one of the diving sites all vying to be the best spot though they are incomparable in beauty underwater. The edge of Chumpon on the other hand is the sightings of whale-sharks and bull-sharks that can be found at the surface of a bedrock known to be Barracuda Rock. These sharks though looks like going to eat you alive are definitely harmless to the divers of the place. The diving area is 65 to 80 feet where hundreds of fish and anemones can be also seen.

Koh Tao Street Bazaars, Food Stalls, and Mountain Villas: The whole picture of Koh Tao Thailand will never be completed if shops, restaurants, and places of accommodation will not be included. These sites actually gives their best services to provide quality vacation moment to travelers who seeks for a haven where they can rest and enjoy. Definitely, Koh Tao will not disappoint the guests, these areas always have varieties of stuffs to offer that travelers can choose upon.