Philly vs. Pittsburgh: Which Keystone State City is Right For You?

  • 26/02/2022
  • bagas
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If you’ve never been to Pennsylvania, it may feel like Philly and Pittsburgh are similar cities: but they’re incredibly different. Although they share a state and a first letter, the differences between these two cities match the differences between Boston and Chicago. 

These are the top things to know about each city, and hopefully how to pick which is right for you!

Philly Is Twice as Large and Five Times More Populated

If you want to live in a major city, the best choice between these two is Philly! Although it’s twice the size of Pittsburgh, it can fit five times the people. This population density means that you get the feeling of city living, more amenities, and more to see and do than Pittsburgh.

This also makes a case for Pittsburgh since it has far less traffic, less air pollution, and is generally a quieter place to live. This can be good for anyone who wants to start a family or settle down for retirement.

The Cultures Between the Two Are Incredibly Different

Although these cities are in the same state, they’re far apart and extremely different culturally. For example, Philly has more in common with New York and the eastern seaboard cities with which it shares the coastline. On the other hand, Pittsburgh is far closer to the Midwest and has more in common with Chicago.  

This cultural difference is enough for some to make it clear which they should pick, but for those who don’t favor NYC or Chicago, it might drive you further from a choice.

Pittsburgh Is Far More Affordable With Higher Income

Although Philadelphia houses for sale are generally affordable, they’re far more expensive than the average Pittsburgh home for sale because of the population density. 

To make this rougher, the average Pittsburgh income is higher than what Philly has to offer, meaning that you can live cheaper in Pittsburgh while also making more money. If you don’t care about city living and are more concerned with your bottom line, this can be a decision-maker unlike any other.

High Sports Competition Between the Two

It might seem silly to pick a place to live based on a sports team: but the rivalry between the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Stealers is a strong one. They’ve faced off against each other eighty times, with Philly winning almost fifty of those games. This rivalry makes living in either city fun since it makes you feel like part of a community even if you don’t really care about sports.  

If you have a favorite sports team between the two, and no other way to choose: this can sometimes be the best way to help you make your decision! Consider which team’s games you’d be more likely to attend!

Picking Between Them Can Be Difficult

Although these two cities are in the same state, they have incredibly different vibes and may leave you feeling unsure. Carefully consider the pros and cons of each, and you’ll find your dream city!